12 Color Eyeshadow EyeLiner Glitter Lip Pencil Shimmer Pen Makeup Cosmetic

Bestprice91 . 12 Color Eyeshadow Eyeliner Glitter Lip Pencil Shimmer Pen Makeup Cosmetic

52.49 USD

 12 Color Glitter Lip Eye Liner Eyeshadow Pencil Pen Makeup Cosmetic Set 100 A novice and High quality 12 pcs PVC design glitter eye lip liner in 12 color for your professional make-up

 Well suited for eyebrow, lips, and eyes

 Easy to draw a delicate thin line

 Beautiful shades around the eyes last long

 Great accessory for party, dancing, ball, etc

 This can be SHARPEN WITH A PENCIL SHARPENER Specifications Material Plastic Penholder Size app

 Give clear intense makeup effects and allow you to be fascinating and attractive

 Colour 12 Colour Net Weight 50g Package include 12 Pcs 1 Bag Lip liner Eye Shadow Eyeliner Pencil Pen PLEASE USE EYEBROW SHARPEN To keep YOU PENCIL SHARP not included

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