120ml PURC Hair Mask Magical Treatment Mask

Pretty Thingz 120ml Purc Hair Mask Magical Treatment Mask

30.00 USD

 Specification Applicable hair general Fragrance type fruity Applicable gender universal Product Category Hair Mask, Film G

 The moisture is locked to make the hair shiny and smooth

 Produced with imported raw materials combined with good molecular technology to nourish and nourish your hair

 Finally, rinse your hair thoroughly Advantage 1

 Dry the water with a towel do not need to use a dryer to dry Apply the mask, do not touch the scalp, and massage the hair for 2-5 minutes

 Description Efficacy Soothing scalp, bettering hairiness, color protection after dyeing, moisturizing, refreshing oil control, moisturizing, nourishing nutrition, supple, strong and anti-broken hair, thick and fluffy, hydrating, anti-split Features use 1

 Repair damaged hair for 5 seconds, making hair soft and smooth

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