13ml Acrylic Gel Set Extend Fast UV Builder Gel Slip Solution Nail Form Nail Art Brush Nail

Newchic 13ml Acrylic Gel Set Extend Fast Uv Builder Gel Slip Solution Nail Form Nail Art Brush Nail

39.99 USD

 Use the phototherapy pen to take the glue

 The two sides of the mold must be coated with the same thickness and the same thickness as the middle part

 Led/UV lamp available-High quality material-Environmentally friendly, tasteless-Good adhesion-No shrinkage, no cracking, absolutely no yellowing-Long lasting non-shedding, easy to removeHow to use 1

 When choosing a mold, do not choose a mold that is too big or too small

 Select the appropriate nail mold, use a double-head pen to take out the appropriate amount of extension glue, apply a proper amount of anti-sticking water, spread the extended glue evenly on the nail mold, and apply the mold to the nail UV1 minute, Led30s 3

 The glue can be evenly coated on the nail mold according to the length to be extended

 Otherwise, it may appear when the glued mold is attached

 Remove the nail piece, polish it for the type A, seal the layer, and illuminate the lamp UV1 minute, Led30s Package Included 1 X Mold1 X 30ml Anti-stick Water1 X 13g Extended Glue1 X Nail Double PenNote 1

 You must choose a nail mold that just covers the real nail

 Trim the nail, cleanse the nail surface, apply the primer, and illuminate the light UV1 minute, Led30s 2

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