Amazing Manicure Set with Carrying Case for Journey

Mohte Showroom Amazing Manicure Set With Carrying Case For Journey

19.90 USD

 It is needed for your finelife

 The set features a case with leatherette bands that keep each tool securely in place as you travel and help keep your journey more comfortable

 Perfect Deluxe Manicure Set with Carrying Case for Journey The Deluxe 10 plot manicure set for Journey and finelife includes all the tools you need for complete nail care

 Specifications Metal Manicure Tools Snap Closure Carry Case with Bands for each Tool Case Dimensions 1 x 5

 375 inches Set Contents 1 x Large Nail Clippers 1 x Small Nail Clippers 1 x Cuticle Scissors 1 x Tweezers 1 x Cuticle Pusher 1 x Nail File 1 x Toe Nail Clippers 1 x Ear Cleaner 1 x Nail Nipper 1 x Cuticle Gouge

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