Aragan Secret Nail Treatment Oil

Aragan Secret Nail Treatment Oil

33.60 USD

 Aragan Secret Nail Treatments powerful natural formula is based on Argan Oil - harvested from the Argan tree found only in Morocco

 Use the provided brush and spread the treatment on the nail and nearby skin

 Formulated without the following harmful ingredients Fragrance, Formalin Formaldehyde Phthalates Petro-chemicals GMO Triclosan Colourants Not tested on animals

 The tried and tested Aragan Secret Nail Treatment with Argan oil keeps your nails smooth, moisturised and healthy

 How to use Use on clean and gently buffed nails

 This unique treatment also contains Tea Tree oil, Clove and Rosemary Oil

 With a low Ph level, the formula does not only keep your nails sleek and attractive, but also helps fight fungus and eczema

 Allow to dry Apply three times a day for best results

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