BaborSkinovage [Age Preventing] Calming Bi-Phase Serum - For Sensitive Skin 30ml/1oz

Babor Skinovage [age Preventing] Calming Bi-phase Serum, For Sensitive Skin 30ml, 1oz

80.00 USD

 An intensely moisturizing emulsion for very sensitive skinFeatures a bi-phase, fast-acting formulaContains a special Power Peptide to promote skin's natural rejuvenation operation Helps make skin more resistant against all external influences factorsBlended with Vitamin E to combat free radicalsLoaded with Jojoba Oil for hydrating antibacterial propertiesInfused with Allantoin Panthenol to reduce unpleasant feelings of tension, irritation rednessSkin appears calmer, more even soothedNon-comedogenic, free of dyes perfumes

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