Blackhead Remover For Clean And Beautiful Nose 3-Step

Mohte Berli Blackhead Remover For Clean And Beautiful Nose 3-step

17.00 USD

 Having a clean and beautiful nose is as easy as 1-2-3! Use Epielle 3-Step Blackhead Remover to effectively remove blackheads, sebum and impurities on the nose area

 Step 2 Blackhead Removal Strip -Remove and eliminate pesky blackheads and impurities with this peel-off strip containing Kaolin to extract, exfoliate, clean and clear pores while moisturizing and renew with Aloe Vera

 Step 3 Cooling Gel Strip -Tighten, improve and soothe pores with the pore-refiner complex gel strip for a smoother and healthier finish

 Please follow the exact sequence from STEP 1-2-3 continuously within the recommended duration to deliver best results

 Step 1 Pore Opening Strip -Prepare skin for easy removal of blackheads and impurities with specially formulated botanical complex strip containing lemon balm, peppermint, mistletoe and rosemary extracts to open pores and soften impurities

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