Child Baby Infant Finger Toe Nail Clipper Scissor Cutter Safety Manicure

Shenzhen Wanweile Network Tech Child Bainfant Finger Toe Nail Clipper Scissor Cutter Safety Manicure

12.59 USD

 This can easily cause digestive diseases

 The nail clipper is small and thin, and the nail clipper has a special ring design to prevent it from being caught on the baby's skin

 Regularly repair your baby's nails to prevent bacterial growth and protect your baby health

 You don't have to worry about baby health problems

 Baby nails are easy to scratch their skin, especially the face and skin

 Long nails are susceptible to chapped and bleeding fingers

 Brand Dsar Material Stainless steel ABS Color blue, pink Green

 The kit is small and light, easy to carry

 At the same time it is easy to hook clothes

 Stripes Anchor Rudder Wallet Flip Cover For Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Feature Why use a nail clipper kit 1

 The baby often sucks or has a habit of eating something directly with they hands, while long nails could easily hide bacteria and dirt

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