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Pine Tar soap

Pine Tar Soap

10.00 USD
Pine tar is helpful in the fight to clear skin from psoriasis....


Hippie "special" Soap

15.00 USD
Dragons blood scent made with special fossil oil and seaweed for healing benefits...

American body butter

American Body Butter

20.00 USD
A scent combo composed of cranberries plus yuzu an asian citrus fruit smells a lot like a rocket...

Unicorn body butter

Unicorn Body Butter

20.00 USD
Another Victoria's Secret fragrance, Pure Seduction....


New Improved Sugar Scrub!

15.00 USD
Cherry Almond Vanilla Lemon Drop Love Potion 9 Orange Spice Peppermint Coconut Cucumber melon Ingredients sugar, coconut oil...

Hippie body butter

Hippie Body Butter

20.00 USD
Dragons blood is the fragrance name, its patchouli, rose and jasmine and it'll take you right back to the 70's...

Jasmine body butter

Jasmine Body Butter

20.00 USD
If you like floral scents, this one will knock your socks off...

Stretch mark lotion bar

Stretch Mark Lotion Bar

15.00 USD
Each and every ingredient in this lotion bar is there for a purpose. The end result, better looking skin...

Puppy Love dog shampoo

Puppy Love Dog Shampoo

20.00 USD
This one has lavender and peppermint to ward off fleas and tea tree for their itchy skin. 12 ozs....

Kama Sutra body butter

Kama Sutra Body Butter

20.00 USD
Nag champagne is the scent name. It smells like an incense amazing...

Tea tree and Peppermint hair and scalp therapy

Tea Tree And Peppermint Hair And Scalp Therapy

15.00 USD
Helps with treatment of most scalp conditions New 12 oz. Size...

Oatmeal body butter

Oatmeal Body Butter

20.00 USD
There's no Oatmeal, milk or honey in this product, . It's made with the yummy scent of oats milk and...