Excellent Effective 24K Gold Collagen

Smartin Excellent Effective 24k Gold Collagen

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 Gold contact to the skin will release negative ions, positive ions, and human interaction, to promote the circulation of blood between ions in the organization, producing fresh energy, so as to boost blood circulation, accelerate skin Ingredients 24K active gold, ginseng extract, collagen, jojoba oil, etc Efficacy For neck wrinkles, dry and other issues, the powerful 24K active gold revitalizing ability, can promote metabolism, anti-aging, moisturizing heal fine lines, smooth firm skin, effective skin care, skin reproduce the glory Usage After completing your cleansing routine apply some hydrating cream or lotion to your finger pads, gently rub together to warm itand apply to the face and neck in upward and outward movements

 To be moisturizing milk on the face to stay a few minutes later, you can touch the face with tissues, soaking up excess emulsion, to improve the shiny phenomenon Package Contents

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