Long Handle Body Cleansing Brush

Mohte Showroom Long Handle Body Cleansing Brush

45.94 USD

 Simply add soap, then attach one of five interchangeable heads and you can help clear away dead skin cells helping to reveal your silky skin underneath

 Works with your favourite soap or body wash to easily clean revitalize your skin

 It features a long handle that even makes reaching your back lower legs far easier

 After your bathtub, you'll feel like you've just finished an amazing day at the spa

 Helps promote healthier, younger looking skin Instantly soothes tired

 Body Cleansing Brush With 5 Attachments Cleans Revitalizes Skin This is a cleansing bath unit that rejuvenates your skin and pampers your body with a series of gently rotating heads

 No more stretching or struggling to clean difficult parts of your body

 Switch to another head for gentle exfoliating, callus removal or soft massaging that can help with circulation for tired, worn-out achy muscles

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