Perfect Nano Mist Facial Moisturizing Spray

Fenam Perfect Nano Mist Facial Moisturizing Spray

56.82 USD

 2w Battery 550mA/H Li-poly battery Charging voltage DC5V/500mA-1000mA Charging current 300mA Spray volume 1ml/min Standby time current 0mA when close the sliding cap switch Working

 Spray 30 seconds each time, stop spraying automatically after 30 seconds 4 Built-in li-poly battery 5 Electric nano spray with ultra-high frequency of 140KHz, can make the effective component to tiny nano-meter particles for serious moisturizing 6

 1 Make the liquid inside the water tank into nano-scale mist, which is easier to be absorbed by skin 2 Keep the skin, hair moist any occasion in anywhere 3 Control the working time automatically

 5mm H Weight 65g Water tank size 37mm L x 30

 Slip design, no button, use easily Product dimension 112

 Rechargeable nano spray with USB cable, use time period full charge battery around 100 times 7

 5mm W x 10mm H Water Capacity 7ml Power 1

Brand: Fenam, buy Fenam