StriVectin Neck Cream, Concentrate for the Neck and Decolletage

Strivectin Neck Cream, Concentrate For The Neck And Decolletage

73.47 USD

 Improves the look of neckline plus decolletage

 Evens skin tone and discolorations

 Reduces the visual appeal of sagging turkey neck

 Visibly firms and tightens neck area

 Description StriVectin Neck Cream is the first and only StriVectin formula specifically developed for the sensitive neck area including the decolletage

 This will leave your skin looking soft and smooth with a feeling of gentle tightening

 Note Other cosmetics, sunscreens and moisturising lotions may be worn over StriVecti

 StriVectin Neck Cream Dramatically reduces the visual appeal of turkey neck by lifting, shaping, and refining as it produces a smoother, younger-looking contour

 Gently massage into skin until completely absorbed

 Directions Begin with clean, dry skin

 Apply StriVectin Neck Cream twice a day to neck, chin, and decollete

Brand: Strivectin, buy StriVectin