Supportive Face Collagen and Gold Hydrate Revitalize for Skin

Fenam Supportive Face Collagen And Gold Hydrate Revitalize For Skin

11.87 USD

 The collagen gold gel mask penetrates deep into the skin to give real results in just 20 minutes

 Formulated with natural ingredients for example gold and collagen

 The Gold helps detoxify the skin from impurities! Collagen helps against fine lines and wrinkles! Gel mask hydrates! Net Weight 0

 A hydrating mask loaded with collagen and gold will help hydrate and revitalize dull fatigued skin while detoxifying the impurities in the skin to give an overall glow and life to the skin

 The gel mask hydrates, softens and detoxifies the skin while helping in blood circulation, minimizing pores and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles

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