Women Makeup Long-Lasting Non-Allergic Extension Eyelashes Glue Liquid

Bluelans Women Makeup Long-lasting Non-allergic Extension Eyelashes Glue Liquid

12.59 USD

 Can be used to glue artificial or handmade eyelashes, firmly stick but easy remove by remover

 Natural ingredient, mild and non-stimulus, safe to use for makeup

 Apply thin layer along base of the false lashes do not apply directly on eyelid 2

 Specifications This eyelash extension glue is designed for eyelash extension have to have

 Place lash closely along base of lashes and hold in place until dry 4

 Suitable for makeup salon, cosmetics studio, makeup artist, specialist use and home use

 Item Name Eyelash Extension Glue Capacity 9ml Glue Color Black/White Optional Ingredients Rubber Latex, Water, Fragrance, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Long lasting, Strong Adhesive, Fast Drying, Eye Makeup Notes Any glue could not and direct contact with the skin, once accidentally

 Let set for 30 seconds or until sticky 3

 When removing, use oil-free makeup remover

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